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Credit Insurance

CardAssure credit insurance lets you relax knowing that if the unexpected were to happen to you, the outstanding balance of your credit card or flexible personal loan may be covered.

Pays 10% of the Outstanding Balance on your Monthly Statement immediately prior to the life event if you: get married, buy a brand new car, buy a new home to live in, have or adopt a child (you or your spouse) or your spouse dies.

CardAssure may provide important benefits if you:

  • Experience a life event such as getting married or buying a brand new car
  • Become involuntarily unemployed
  • Become injured or ill and unable to work
  • Are diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack or a stroke;
  • Pass away.

Affordable monthly premiums

CardAssure costs just 69c per $100 of the outstanding balance on your monthly statement.

Guaranteed cover

All eligible Armed Forces Bank California credit holders aged 18 to 59 years who are Australian citizens or permanent residents are guaranteed cover under CardAssure1.